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Kendall Custom Construction has been working in the community of Orangeville and the surrounding area for 15 years, gaining the majority of it’s customers by referrals. This has kept us limited to many customers. Realizing there are many more customers who are in need of professional kitchens, bathrooms, basements and decks, we ha’ve started advertising – giving all consumers knowledge, quality, and service (the three most important details in construction).

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Quality craftsmanship delivered
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Upgrades / Renovations


Upgrades / Renovations


Finishing / Upgrades / Renovations

We specialize in kitchens, bathrooms, and basements.

Knowledge Thanks to many T.V. Shows, consumers now ask more intelligent questions. Most are aware of the damage a “handy man” (Jack of all trades – MASTER OF NONE) can do to even the simplest of jobs. Now, with the new economy these “handy men” are even more abundant and even better at disguising! People are losing their high paying jobs and think if they can swing a hammer and put on a tool belt they are contractors. Some even go as far as buying a trailer and vinyl logos, making it even harder to see their lack of experience. These handy men are of large concern to the true contractors – under bidding us to get the job, then not completing, or leaving it in even worse condition! This damages true professional’s names.

Quality It is of the utmost importance that we offer high quality products first! As a strong believer in quality & service, our first mission is to help our clients understand (knowledge) the products available to them so they can choose the best product for their life style. Understanding each customer has their own standards and comfort level, I don’t believe it is my right to choose a product based only on the value of a customer’s house or car!

Service – Service starts from the first phone call! It’s important to us to respond to all phone calls within 24 hours – even when were booked for that season! We still call back, and if needed, can give a quote so they know the approximate cost of the job at hand. We also offer emergency services for those customers who are in need of emergency repair. In the past – the majority of these calls have been due to extreme weather situations (such as blown out windows) where immediate repairs are necessary. In some cases we will receive a call for a task we cannot perform. In this case, we will respond to the customer and try to give them a reliable referral so that their needs are still met.

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