Planning the perfect bathroom:

The bathroom can be the most coveted room in the house for a number of reasons. It is the keeper of the throne, a place of sanctuary, and for some; the only place to find a good read. Through the years bathrooms have been known by a number of names: the outhouse, the can, john, loo, the head, the privy, water-closet, ensuite, bathroom, washroom, powder-room, facility, lavatory, bath-house, wash-house, restroom – but whatever it is called in any home, a bathroom should be inviting and well appointed. If it’s not, maybe it’s time to plan for an upgrade to the plumbing, bathroom renovation or remodel.

Planning a bathroom renovation or remodel or plumbing upgrade for one or more bathrooms can be a simple change or a more complex overhaul
of the entire room. You have to ask yourself:

  • Are the bathrooms functional for the household needs?
  • Does the bathroom vanity, sink, toilet, bathtub or shower need restoring or replacing?
  • Does the plumbing need upgrading?
  • Does the bathroom renovation include new flooring?
  • How much money can I spend on plumbing and bathroom renovation?

When planning your bathroom or bathrooms renovation or remodel or plumbing upgrade, it’s a good idea to decide on the placement of fixtures – are you leaving the same footprint or do you want to change where the vanity, toilet and tub sit? In an existing home, the latter could be expensive as existing plumbing is affected, but changing the bathroom around may give you more functional space. If you are adding more bathrooms, plumbing becomes a major consideration.

  • Does the plumbing already exist?
  • Are you adding plumbing for the bathroom renovation?
  • Does the bathroom renovation include moving existing plumbing?

A bathroom renovation can also include spa-like luxuries such as a whirlpool tub, multiple showerheads or shower sprays, heating lamps, in-floor heating and heated towel bars. Some bathroom renovations even include unconventional items like a stereo system or television. Personal taste and needs can define how far you want to take your own bathroom renovation.

Bathroom renovations is also a great time to consider how to save water (and money) in your bathroom by choosing water efficient toilets and facets. There are a number of options in toilet choices that allow you to save with every flush. Don’t forget the water savings in the shower by considering a water efficient showerhead.

Are you considering making your bathroom larger by using an adjoining room, hall or closet? I can help you plan the space you need. When you improve, upgrade, remodel or undertake bathroom renovations it is a home improvement project in that upgrades to the bathroom design are excellent selling features. The money you invest in home improvement is not wasted and remodeling the bathroom is a great investment. Bathroom renovations are one of the most common home improvement projects that are undertaken by homeowners. Bathroom renovations can be as complex as enlarging the room and a simple update like replacing the flooring, or bathroom taps. Home improvement shows on TV may make it seem easy, but some bathroom remodeling projects become construction nightmares if you are unsure about what you are doing.

Bathroom Design:

Let’s talk about design. Bathroom design is an important aspect to consider. Bathroom designs include bathroom cabinets or a bathroom cabinet, bathroom furniture, bathroom vanity or bathroom vanities, bathroom sink and commodes. You should consider the size of the room when first planning a bathroom design.
Ask yourself:

  • What kind of bathroom design would work with my room size or exsisting bathroom?
  • What type or style of bathroom cabinet or bathroom cabinets should be considered?
  • Will the bathroom cabinet be included or separate from the bathroom vanity and bathroom sink?
  • What type of commode or toilet will be installed
  • What type of lighting can I use in the bathroom design


In bathroom design the type of bathroom cabinets should be functional as well as aesthetically pleasing and easy to clean. There is a wide variety of bathroom cabinets available as well as excellent choices for the bathroom vanity and bathroom sink.

Bathroom Plumbing:

Before you undertake any plumbing project, ask yourself if you are qualified to do so. Plumbing contractors may be your only option because a plumbing mistake and having to contact a plumber afterwards can be costly. If you have never done a pluming job before you may not be aware of the standards that are established in the plumbing industry to protect the health and safety of the community. Faulty plumbing can result in serious health and safety hazards such as noxious gas backups, back siphoning, bursting pipes, floods or electrical shorts. To see that these standards are adhered to, we have plumbing codes and permits. This is why it is important if your bathroom remodel or renovation involves plumbing, consult plumbing contractors or plumbers before proceeding with any pluming/plumbing construction project. Did you know there are several model plumbing codes in print and regulations may differ depending on the area where you live? Plumbers and plumbing contractors will know what the rules and regulations are and will be able to help you decide what is required in your bathroom remodel. We make sure that all the plumbing will be safe and perfectly done with our certified plumber.

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