Kitchen ideas for large and small kitchens:

Aw the kitchen; the heart of any home, it’s a place where family and friends can gather to eat, drink, reconnect and share. Whether it’s around the counter or the kitchen table, it is the one room that nourishes the soul of a family. Look around your own kitchen and ask yourself – is it living up to your expectations? Is it comfortable? Do you enjoy spending time there? Or do you want something different? Whether it’s a complete remodel construction or simple upgrade, I can help you with kitchen ideas for the kitchen you envision.

It’s all a matter of your own taste and desire.
Ask yourself some key questions.

  • How old is your kitchen?
  • What is your taste– modern, traditional, retro, country kitchen, sleek and clean?
  • Do your appliances need replacing?
  • Are you ready for construction or a kitchen makeover?
  • How functional is the space?
  • Is there room for a table or is the eating area (dining room separate)?
  • Do you want an eat in counter?
  • Do you want an open-area concept?
  • What about built-in appliances?

The project can be complete, starting from scratch or it can be a simple replacement of an item like new cupboards or a new floor. You don’t have to throw out the kitchen sink – unless you want to. Regardless of what you want, we can discuss your needs that will give you a kitchen you will be proud of and will want to show off.

Like a good recipe for a cake, a kitchen needs key ingredients. Your imagination can provide the ingredients to the kitchen of your dreams.

Cabinets and cabinet doors:

Let’s talk cabinets. Every kitchen needs cabinet storage to provide space for all your crockery, plates, glasses, dishware, cutlery, and pots. You should consider both the inside and outside of the cabinet. Cabinet interiors can be designed to provide open areas for you to decide what you would like to store. Or it can be custom designed to fit individual item. Are you happy with your existing cupboards or do you want them replaced? Ask yourself some questions:

  • What shape is the interior and exterior of the cabinet?
  • Does the cabinet provide the space I need?
  • Can the cabinet use some upgrades like a lazy susan or custom inserts?
  • Does the cabinet doors need painting or replacing?
  • If I am replacing the cabinets or cabinet doors – what colour, design?
  • What hardware should I use?
  • Do I have room for a food pantry or cold storage?

Cabinet design is a personal choice and I can help you decide what you would like and how it is best achieved. Sometimes, it is time to replace old, worn used cupboards. Sometimes, a touch of paint and a new cupboard pull is all that is required. But whatever it is – cupboards provide a place for everything and everything in its place.

Countertops and islands:

Has your countertop seen better days? Is it scared and marked from making at least a million peanut butter and jam sandwiches? Is there a burn stain from the time your husband set the pot of mashed potatoes directly on the counter? Could your kitchen use extra counter space with the addition of an island? Kitchen countertops need to be functional and easy to clean. Countertops are available in many different surfaces from the traditional butcher-block style, laminates, stainless steel, granite, soapstone, and natural stone. Your choice in countertops is definitely budget dependent but the surface you choose does make a statement about your own personal style and the colour choices is as diverse as your own imagination. I can help you select which countertop is right for you.

Don’t forget the kitchen sink in the renovation:

Is cleanup in your kitchen sink a chore you don’t enjoy? Are you ready for a new kitchen sink? Is a single bowl enough for your kitchen needs or should you consider a double or maybe even a triple bowled sink? Do you have the room or need for a vegetable sink? Consider the bowl depth – deep or shallow, coordinating facets and accessories such as built-in dish racks, cutting boards and even colanders! Consider the gauge of stainless steel. Thinner gauge is less money but not as strong, thicker gauge equals a stronger sink that is more durable and easy to clean. Enameled steel is like cast iron and comes in many colours. Enameled cast iron has a traditional look and retains heat well but you will need to ensure your countertop can support it, as it’s heavy. Other options are solid surface materials such as Corian®, fire-clay, soapstone, slate, granite and metal. Each sink option has a list of pros and cons that we can discuss when selecting your new kitchen sink.

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